Monday, March 16, 2009

Breyn: multi-user multi-touch brainstorming

Here is what appears to be a design course prototype for a multi-user brainstorming tool.

breyn - multiuser-multitouch-brainstorming from Joschka Wolf on Vimeo.

Key features to watch for:
  • Triangular toolkit object - drag or touch one of three corners to set the nexus for an action such as typing text

  • Multiple toolkit object, one for each user (maybe color-coded) - allows different users to select different tools and perform different tasks at the same time

  • Virtual keyboards - appears to be bound to specific triangle objects

  • One tool creates a box, then drag the text tool into the box to enter text

  • Draw lines from one box to another to connect them hierarchically

  • Box orientation indicates ownership

  • Extra long circular text (group ownership?) is spiraled

  • There's some mechanism (unseen) to rotate all the boxes to the next side

This is a great example of a collaborative approach to multi-touch. Many users can do individual tasks towards a common goal.


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