Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What do you want in a NUI prototyping tool?

Richard Wand finds existing prototyping tools lacking when creating prototypes and mockups of NUI interfaces. We had a short conversation about what features would be nice and then he poses the question on his blog:
In my quest to find the most efficient tool for defining the behaviour of an application I posted a tweet for the #Surface community to come forth with their digital sketch tool of choice. I received responses from the usual suspects - @joshblake @stevedawson @lhamilton – who are active Microsoft Surface twitterers (and well worth following). My question was timely as they were individually considering developing a UI prototyping tool for NUI’s.

Joshua (@joshblake) posed the question back to me - what features would I want from such a UI prototyping tool? UI prototyping tools such as Denim and Balsamiq were inspired by the application authors looking for a better solution for digital sketching. Before I test these out I thought I’d open Joshua’s question up to a wider audience...

What would you want from a digital sketch tool for the early stages of UI design?
Head on over there and join the conversation.

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