Wednesday, April 29, 2009

N-Trig DuoSense Development System

Not many details out yet, but an article on Business Wire claims that N-Trig has a DuoSense Development System that developers can use to target current and future multitouch system. (Full press release below.)

It sounds like the development system operates like a 12.1 inch monitor you can plug in like a second display, except it supports all the DuoSense features. I sent N-Trig a message asking about the availability and price of the development system.

This is pretty critical to getting good applications developed for systems that don't even exist yet. In addition, many of the multitouch systems out there are not that powerful, CPU-wise. The Dell Latitude XT2 maxes out with a 1.4 ghz processor, not something I'd want to be stuck on for a development system.

The N-Trig DuoSense supports true multitouch (more than just two-touch) plus stylus as well, so it is pretty popular. It is getting to be a standard choice for multitouch digitizers. It is used in the Dell Latitude XT and XT2 plus the HP TouchSmart tx2. The developer community around each of these tablets is quick to provide feedback to N-Trig and waits for each new release of the Windows 7 beta drivers.

Here is the full press release:

N-trig, providers of DuoSenseTM technology, combining pen and capacitive touch in a single device, are further advancing the multi-touch adoption process with the new DuoSense Development System. This device enables software developers to create touch-enabled applications on their own computer.

The DuoSense Development System is an extension touch-enabled display that provides a powerful and simple development environment for programmers, shortening the development life-cycle and reducing costs. The system connects to any PC via a USB and enables ISVs to develop multi-touch applications while simultaneously viewing the results of their work on their computer screen.

“Our development system is designed to give ISVs an easy way to build new and creative programs quickly and cost-efficiently from their existing development environments ready for the launch of Windows 7 and to fuel rapid consumer uptake,” said Lenny Engelhardt, VP Business Development of N-trig. “This new system underlines our strong commitment to providing software developers with the best tools to speed along the adoption of multi-touch capabilities in the market, particularly with multi-touch being such a strong component of Windows 7.”

As more OEMs are looking to incorporate multi-touch into their R&D roadmaps and the availability of Windows 7 becomes a reality, the evolution must start with the software developers. N-trig has designed this unique system to bridge the gaps that currently exist between ISVs and multi-touch enabled programs.

Going forward, no longer does multi-touch development require a pen and multi-touch enabled computer. The DuoSense development system boasts a 12.1 inch screen and can be connected to any computer. After loading the latest software versions, which can be found at, developers are all set to go multi-touch.

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  1. 3M Touch Systems showed a 19" Multi-touch display at the SID and Infocomm shows recently that tracked up to 10 fingers on screen,


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