Friday, January 15, 2010

Help me speak at MIX10!

Update 1/15/2010: Today is the last day for voting, so please visit the site and vote if you have not already. Thanks to everyone who have already voted!

I'm totally pumped about NUIs and multi-touch right now. I would love to speak about it at a venue like MIX10, but I need your help!

I submitted a session to the MIX10 Open Call for Content. All of the submissions are now online for voting, and you can vote for up to five sessions, even if you are not attending. The top 10 most popular sessions will get a slot at MIX.

Here is my entry:

Title: Developing Natural User Interfaces with Silverlight and WPF 4 Touch.

The Natural User Interface (NUI) is the next revolution of human-computer interaction. Microsoft Surface has shown the potential of multi-touch NUIs to uniquely engage users, and multi-touch tablets and displays are becoming more and more common. This session is focused on how you can create multi-touch NUIs for these devices. You will learn the difference between manipulations and gestures, when to use each, and how to implement specific NUI design concepts with both Silverlight and the WPF 4 Touch API. The differences between the Silverlight and WPF 4 Touch APIs will be highlighted. If you are interested in rich, engaging multi-touch interfaces for the web or client, then you need to attend this session!
Please go vote for my entry and help spread the word! Voting closes January 15th so don't wait!

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