Sunday, March 28, 2010

MIX10 NUI session sample code

I promised that I would provide the source code for the TouchGrid and ScatterTouch samples for WPF, Silverlight for web, and Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 from my MIX10 session. I provided a zip file with the sources to the people running the MIX website after my session, but it still hasn't been posted yet. So I'll just post it here on my blog.

Important: I cannot re-distribute the Microsoft Surface Manipulations and Inertia Sample for Microsoft Silverlight files so you will have to download that yourself and add a reference to System.Windows.Input.Manipulations to these projects SL_ScatterTouch and WP7_ScatterTouch. See the readme.txt for more details.

Of course if you want to run the Windows Phone 7 samples you'll need the Windows Phone 7 SDK.

Have fun!

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  1. Thx for the post man.
    I figured out with your tools that my Acer touchscreen only supports 2 touchpoints - I suspected that much.
    Is probably becaus its using somekind of laser scanning technique to get the location of the fingers. Its no need to touch the surface of the screen at all...

    Have you decided to release your very nice persentation app too? I would love to give it a try sometime too :)
    Hope my next laptop will be a multitouch too (capacitive I hope). I think Lenovo has such now.
    Have fun


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