Saturday, March 13, 2010

NUI at MIX10

I'm headed to Las Vegas tomorrow for the MIX10 conference. I'm excited about a lot of the topics and news that will be discussed. It will be great to meet a lot of the people I've only talked to online and meet new people.

If you'll be at MIX10, I'd love to meet you! Here are two places I'll definitely be:

NUI MIXup, Monday the 15th, 7pm, The Commons
I'm organizing a tweetup at MIX10 (hence, MIXup) for NUI and multi-touch enthusiasts. Come hang out and chat with others about our shared interests. Depending upon how many people come, we'll chat for a bit then head to a bar or restaurant. Marc Schweigert will be buying a round or two.

Developing Natural User Interfaces session, Wednesday the 17th, 10:30am, Lagoon F
This is my session! I'm very very excited about it (and thank you again to those who voted for me in the Open Call). I've created a custom multi-touch presentation application that takes the place of PowerPoint so I can walk the walk as I discuss how to create NUIs and multi-touch applications.

I'm available on twitter @joshblake or by email joshblake at gmail dot com. Send me a note if you'll be coming.

See you there!

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