Saturday, June 5, 2010

NaturalShow and new interviews

Coincidentally, two different shows featuring me talking about NUI were posted yesterday, even though the interviews were several weeks apart.

Brian Peek interviewed for for his Channel9 Coding4Fun show. We talked about NUI and NaturalShow and I showed some of the actual code and how it works.

I also spoke at Richmond Code Camp about NUI last mont and while I was there I was included in a segment of the The Community Megaphone Podcast hosted by Dane Morgridge and Andrew Duthie. I'm the second to last interview.

I also found out recently that my session submission for the Heartland Development Conference was accepted! HDC is September 8-10 in Omaha, NE.
Deconstructing the Natural User Interface: UX design in the NUI revolution

Finally, I want to make the announcement on my blog that I will be making NaturalShow open source and it will be made available along with my book. I'm going to integrate it with some of the topics in some of the chapters. MEAP subscribers will get the first access to it, although those chapters are not complete yet. I'll be sure to announce when they're included.

[Update: fixed links, thanks Ben!]

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  1. Great news about open sourcing NaturalShow! I look forward to those chapters.


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