Monday, April 4, 2011

NUI at MIX11

It's only a week away from MIX11 and I'm very excited. NUI will be represented even more than last year. Here’s a run down of all the NUI events I’m aware of:

Monday, April 11
Ballroom D
Open Source Fest
A showcase of 52 open source projects, including InfoStrat.MotionFx, our project for integrating Kinect with WPF 4 Touch.
Tuesday, April 12
Lagoon H
A Whole NUI World: Microsoft Surface 2 and Windows Touch
by Luis Cabrera of the Surface team. Luis will get everyone up to speed about developing with Surface SDK for Surface 2 and Windows 7 touch devices.
Tuesday, April 12
Lagoon H
The Microsoft Surface MVPs Present: Natural User Interfaces, Today and Tomorrow; An Interactive Discussion and Demonstration
by me and the rest of the Surface MVPs. We will have several cool demos for Surface 2 and Kinect.

(This is the open call session I submitted and voted in by the community. Thanks!)
Tuesday, April 12
Lobby in front of The Commons
NUI MIXup at MIX11
NUI MIXup is back! RSVP at the link above. Last year’s NUI MIXup was a great success. Frank La Vigne, a Microsoft Public Sector Developer Evangelist, will be sponsoring drinks and appetizers for the group. I hope to see you there!
Wednesday, April 13
Lagoon H
Audio for Kinect: From Idea to "Xbox, Play!"
by Ivan Tashev of Microsoft Research, the man behind Kinect’s audio processing algorithms.
Thursday, April 14
Lagoon H
Interactive Panel: Kinect and Natural User Interfaces (NUI)
A panel featuring luminaries from Microsoft Research talking about Kinect
April 12-14
Breakers L
UX Lightning Sessions
Three UX Lightning sessions, each with four speakers. Not purely NUI, but probably still of interest to most NUI enthusiasts.
April 12-14
Shorelines A
The Connect Lounge
Microsoft Research and Coding4Fun will be showing off some cool NUI and Kinect projects.

I can’t say where yet, but InfoStrat will also have a presence with some of our demos. I’m also hearing rumors of some things that might be announced during the keynotes, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you’re looking for me at MIX11, the best way is to check my twitter stream @joshblake or send me a mention. You can also email me joshblake atgmail com.


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